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Compatible with Flutter 2.2 and support Null-safety

Hello again from InspireUI team!👋 This is a new changelog for the latest released FluxStore apps. After few months of hard working, we have migrated the library and source code to support Null-Safety, which is officially required from Flutter 2.2. We will keep the blog post as short as possible. Let’s go🏄‍♀️

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What is the mission of FluxStore apps?

InspireUI Team commit to deliver the best e-commerce Flutter apps to our Customers. Help to save their time and worth +100.000USD just by spending 59USD 👍

Last updated Dec 10, 2020: FluxBuilder 1.1 — Changelogs.

Greeting from InspireUI, hope you have a wonderful day! This is our regular update for the detailed change log of the drag&drop FluxBuilder tool.

v1.1.0 changelog
New features
+ Support FluxStore Listing app 🎑
+ Support FluxStore Strapi app 🔥
+ Sync Design to Website & 🖼
+ Support Flutter installation 💽
+ Android Builder + iOS Builder 📲
+ Product + Order management 🛍
+ Brand new Design and UX improvement ✨

1. FluxStore Listing & FluxStore Strapi support

After a few months of hard-working, we are excited to notice that this new FluxBuilder version…

Last updated 28/01/2021
Fluxstore 1.9.3 and 1.9.4 Change Logs is moved to
new Notion Page

Greeting from InspireUI, hope you have a wonderful day! This is our regular update for the detailed changelog guide for the awesome Fluxstore apps.

v1.9.1 changelogs
Update & improvement
- Support Thai 🇹🇭 Languages.
- Fixed variant and countdown issues.
- Fixed webview payment exception
v1.9.0 changelogs
New features
+ SaleOff Feature with the Countdown ⏳
+ Notify to the User to update Order Status 🔥
+ Support macOS version 🖥
+ Support Product Images Options 🎑
+ Side Menu + Category Layout 🛍
+ Support inline Video on Product Detail…

This is new amazing improvement of the Flutter App Builder - FluxBuilder
Last updated on April 15th, 2021 — Change Log

FluxBuilder 1.2
(1) New Color Preview & Bulk Design✨
(2) New Real-time Mobile Design Preview 📲
(3) Add Dynamic screen into Design Layout🚀
(4) New Configure Features🔥
Firebase features
+ Firebase Setting📒
+ Firebase Push Notification📡
+ Dynamic Link🗾
+ Firebase Realtime Chat🚀(Extended License)
+ Firebase Remote Config 🚀(Extended License)
General Features
+ Loading Icon⏳

New FluxStore version compatible with latest Flutter 2.0 was released in Mar 2021.
Last updated 05/03/2021

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Greetings from InspireUI, hope you have had a wonderful time! This is our regular and Big update on the awesome FluxStore apps. As the new Changelog is migrated to InspireUI Wiki, please check the detailed explanation in that link.

Below are some highlights about what’s new on FluxStore 2.0.0

  • 🚀 Compatible with new Flutter 2.0 Stable version
  • 🎊 New Config Approach to support new FluxBuilder 1.2
  • 🎊 New Upload File feature via Product Add-Ons
  • 🎊 Support Huawei devices
  • 🎊 Nearby Listing and location search…

Last updated 02/10/2020, Fluxstore 1.8.0 Changelogs.

Greeting from InspireUI, hope you are feeling good safe out there! This is our regular update for the detailed changelog guide for the awesome Fluxstore apps.

1. Changelog for 1.8.0

On this release, we focus mostly on adding new features, app performance upgrades, stability, and make it work smoothly with the latest Fluxbuilder tool.

New - update to compatible with latest Flutter 1.22.x and iOS 14.
New - support searching products by SKU.
New - show product list by tags, filter product by tags.
New - automatically fill in OTP for SMS Login on Android.
New - add product quantity selection UI.

Mstore 4.1:
1. Update — latest React Native 0.63 and Expo 39.0
2. Update — compatible with latest NodeJS
3. Update — latest package.json library

Mstore 4.0:
1. New — Load Config file from server to show Home screen
2. Update — latet React Native 0.62.2 with Flipper debug tool
3. Update — Fix select default country in Delivery screen
4. Update — Fix apple sign in and product variants issues
5. Fix some issues related User Profile screen
6. Update — latest package.json libraries

1. What is dynamic Config file?

You will have two options to load the Config file.

  • Load from local — a…

Hi folks.

Many of you might run into the trouble of setting up an environment and tools to be able to build your favorite apps but end up quitting because it is too hard to do.

Worry no more, InspireUI has come for the rescue. We introduce you to an easy solution, say goodbye to headache, farewell “OMG! Why is it so troublesome?”. Install once and use it anywhere you like.

Alright. No more nonsense. What you need to do is follow these straight-forward step by step below.


  • Your computer must have at least 8GB of RAM.
  • A Mac or…

In this guide, we will explain how to use the Git repo to manage your source code and easily update the source when a new version release, without losing your previous customization.

1. Video guide

This tutorial comes with the following video, skip this part if you would like to dive into a detailed explanation.

2. Detailed Instruction

Important: Please note that depending on the project that you have purchased the Git Repository URL could be different. For example, you will get the invite to access if purchase the Fluxstore WooCommerce, or if purchased the Fluxstore Pro.

The tutorial on this guide will…

Hi everyone, especially to our customers who already bought any of our Fluxstore apps. This is the customer care program of InspireUI Ltd.

You have already published your app on App Store and Google Play, and now you have the demand to customize your app design? So what is the easy solution?

You can either be able to modify the source code as our detailed documentation or do that in a much easier way by using the drag and drop FluxBuilder. …


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